Welcome to GeoCheck - Cache Coordinate Checker

GeoCheck hacked!

Unfortunately, I have just learned, that Geocheck.org has been hacked. The entire database has been downloaded, including cache solutions and hashed passwords.

The passwords are hashed, so they are fairly secure, especially for longer or more complex passwords. However, to be sure, it is recommended for everyone to change their passwords. If you use the same password at Geocaching.com or other sites, I recommend changing them there as well. Additional security surrounding the passwords have been implemented going forward. Further, the vulnerability used to hack the site has been plugged.

A file has been released on the Internet with about 27.000 cache solutions. Of those about 50% comes from GeoCheck.org, the rest originate from somewhere else - exactly where is unknown at the moment.

To reiterate: The entire database has been downloaded, including all the cache solutions from GeoCheck.org. That means that there are still a lot of solutions downloaded that hasn't been published publicly (yet). Though sites hosting the file containing the leaked solutions have been contacted to try to force the sites to retract them, past experience unfortunately dictates that once data is in the wild it is hard/impossible to obliterate.

Words cannot express how sorry I am for this to happen - and how astounded I am of the time and ressources unscrupulous hackers will dedicate to hacking a site supporting the simple innocent pastime that is Geocaching - without any possibility of financial gain or glory. In an age where government sites and large corporations are hacked as a matter of course, providing bulletproof and complete protection for hobby projects such as GeoCheck has proven to be very difficult.

I can only appeal to the better nature of geocachers worldwide and earnestly implore folks to not use the coordinates to cheat - but instead acknowledge the time and effort cache owners have dedicated to creating interesting and ingenious puzzles.

Once again, I am very sorry for this to happen!

Samuel AKA iChicken

Welcome to GeoCheck. Using this page you can place a link in your cache description on Geocaching.com, which will allow users to check whether their coordinates are correct. This is particularly useful for Mystery or Unknown cache owners.

You can even include a counter in your cache-listing displaying how many correct and incorrect attempts your cache has generated:

As cache-owner you can upload an image and text to display to successful geocachers and list further child waypoints e.g. good nearby parking spots, trailheads etc.

If you wish to try it in action, click on the counter image above, and enter the correct coordinates: N10°10.100, W10°10.100

Register an account and enter the coordinates to your cache!

Custom response
If a user inputs the correct coordinates, you can design a custom response page including user-defined text and images. You may also include additional waypoints in the form of nearby parking, trailheads etc. All coordinates can be downloaded as GPS/LOC files or sent directly to Garmin GPS receivers.
As the cache-owner, you decide if the users must enter the coordinates exactly or if a 'fuzzy' solution is allowed choosing between ±3 meters, 10, 30, or even user-defined distances.

Google Maps Integration
Using a Google Map, cache-owners can easily view your defined solution, 'fuzzy-factor', waypoints and all the attempted coordinates from the users. Heavily tried coordinates will appear as dark markers, while rarer coordinates will appear lighter colored. Clicking a marker reveals further information including the number of tries, time of last attempt, and distance from the correct position.

You may define multiple sub-coordinates for your cache. Using the Google Map, you may notice a particular set of wrong coordinates being tried often. In this case, you can provide the users with a helping hint when they try the wrong coordinates. Each sub-coordinate can be defined as requiring exact coordinates, or allowing 'fuzzy' solutions - just like a regular solution.

Account page
You may create as many solutions you wish. From your central account page you can view all the details concerning your caches including the number of attempts, how many succeeded and how many failed. From this page you can also edit your individual caches, add waypoints, sub-coordinates, view the Google Map, view statistics and much more.

Statistics Page
You can view a complete list of attempted coordinates, the time of the attempt, distance from the correct coordinates and even the nationality of the person behind the attempt based on their IP-address.

IP Statistics Page
The statistics on correct attempts and wrong tries may be grouped by IP. Though you cannot assume constant IP addresses for all the users, this page will give you an idea of the number of attempts by each user. For security reasons, the IP-numbers are encoded, but will remain constant for a given IP-number allowing you to track individual IPs across your caches.

RSS feed for your cache list
You can subscribe to an RSS feed of all the caches listed in your account allowing you to track the number of correct and incorrect attempts and visitors remotely.